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Midnight Writing Challenge

Hey writer... I double dog dare you.

This journal contains content only suitable for those over the age of 18.

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Name:Midnight Writing Challenge
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Community description:midnight, fanfiction, fanfic, fic, writing, challenges, dares
Welcome to the Midnight Writing Challenge.

What is the Midnight Writing Challenge, you ask? Well, it's exactly what it sounds like. When writers are bored at midnight and get ridiculous ideas, they start to challenge other writers to do things. Hey, Bean, I bet you can't write a sonnet about my hair, one writer said to another. And guess what? That sonnet was written.

The rules of the challenge are simple.

1. Issue a challenge. (This can be to the community as a whole, or to an individual author.)

2. The community (or specific author) will write what you have requested.

3. Enjoy.

4. If your challenge is NOT MET: Well. Too bad, I guess.

This is NOT a place to make detailed requests for epic fic. This is NOT a place to bash characters/pairings you do not like. If someone has requested a pairing/prompt that makes you want to vomit in your mouth a little bit, write it and bleach your brain afterward, then edit your author page and list "god/tentacle-monster" as one of your squicks. If you do not specifically state that you will NOT write something, then anyone has the right to ask you to write it.

Anyone can watch/request from the community. For posting access, there is a complex series of orchestrated movements, forms that must be filled out, etc. Ask, I guess, but don't expect a quick response.

For reals, guys, this is an ADULTS ONLY fanfiction writing and challenge community. It is ADULTS ONLY because some of the (most of the) fanfiction contains ADULT THEMES and PORN and SMUT and TENTACLES or WEIRD AWESOME PAIRINGS. Everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) contains harsh language and disturbing content (some people find rainbows disturbing, idek) and m/m and f/f and m/f pairings. And m/m/m pairings, and m/m/f and m/f/f and f/f/f and inter-species relationships. There is NO PLACE that we will not go, and if that makes you uncomfortable, then please do NOT read any of the entries here. This community is open to everyone to read, but as soon as that becomes a problem, the whole thing is getting locked down and the internet will be deprived of some truly awesome things. Be warned.

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